Why FSB?

FSB was founded in 2007 by sports betting veterans who understood that consumer demand, live betting, smartphone penetration and evolving European gaming regulations would fundamentally change the operations behind a modern betting and gaming service.

The founders of both Sportingbet and Betfair backed the business, and we’ve since become the industry’s tech leader. Over the past decade, we’ve refined our technology and now offer the most customisable, efficient and reliable omnichannel sports betting platform – complete with tools that help you drive revenue, reduce operating costs and maximise marketing ROI.

  • Pioneers in managed trading services.
  • Leaders in casino aggregation.
  • Innovators in platform & CRM systems.

CTO Approved

We are a tech-first company and pride ourselves on developing elegant ways to process complex data, introduce efficiencies and manage integrations. Our platform meets ISO 27001 standards.

Marketing Approved

The platform can be completely customised to meet local regulatory requirements and align with your company branding. You have powerful CRM and reporting tools that help you target campaigns and maximise ROI.

Trader Approved

We aggregate data from the industry’s best suppliers. Our cutting-edge automation allows a much smaller team of traders to deliver higher profitability, better risk management and an improved customer experience.

End-User Approved

Your customers access a comprehensive range of events and casino games from any device and interface. They get seamless experience with simple player verification and payment processes.


Fully Managed White Label gaming Solutions

 Fully Managed White Label Solutions

This gives you everything you need to operate a competitive omnichannel gaming business, complete with a powerful sportsbook, hundreds of casino games and a user-friendly customer registration platform and wallet.

Enterprise Solutions


Take your business to the next level with bespoke integrations, tailored pricing strategies and geographic support. Our enterprise solutions launch quickly and give the flexibility you need to manage different territories.

casino installations


Capitalise on cutting-edge technology for casino installations, self-service betting, licensed betting shops and EPOS.

“FSB’s sportsbook has its own data from every source you can think of and uses real-time algorithmic models to calculate odds. Everything is automated, which makes it incredibly efficient and means operational costs are lower (because you’re not relying on manual processes in a 200-person trading room). The FSB approach is the future of sportsbooks.”

Mark Blandford
Founder of Sportingbet