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Feature-rich self-service kiosk and
EPOS led next generation product

FSB Retail

Contemporary, in-venue, self-service kiosk and EPOS omnichannel solutions are at the heart of our proprietary retail technology offering - delivering enhanced partner choice and control across land environments.

These self intuitive, customisable products are linked to our empowering multi-channel back office platform and allow both anonymous and account based bet placement whilst offering operators remote terminal management and real time views on risk.

FSB Retail

SSBT kiosks offering deep linking, multi-language support and facial recognition


EPOS product enabling seamless remote terminal management

FSB Companion App

Companion App allowing players to transfer retail bets onto digital wallet

Real Time Data

Real time views on liability and risk via our empowering back office platform

Our sophisticated self-service kiosks are stocked with retail focussed content from over 20 sports and support a range of bet types and bonus options. The product is embellished further with multi-language facilities, user-friendly deep linking banners, Bet Builder functionality and customisable UI to cater for localisation and player preferences.

Promoting responsible retail is also a key part of our core product thanks to our ground-breaking AI-powered advanced facial recognition technology. Connecting with our KYC and AML platform tools, this innovative SSBT kiosk feature can instantly block self-excluded and underage players from play by capturing their facial image.

Our hardware agnostic EPOS solution is an easy to use product that allows cashier-based bet placement and local kiosk management. The solution supports session-based staff accounting from an OTC or mobile based device with slick bet placement via touch screen or keyboard based inputting. Remote kiosk management includes the locking and unlocking of any terminal, the application of free bets, remote cash loading and ticket reprints. Most importantly, our EPOS solution is designed to suit multiple territories and methods of bet placement at a configuration level.

Omnichannel experiences are integral to our Companion App. Launched at the end of 2022, the product allows players to transfer bets placed within anonymous retail environments onto a digital wallet app via their smartphone with the ability to track it and cash it out at any time. The wager can also be transferred back to retail via a unique QR code.

Whether it's for a licenced betting shop, casino, or racetrack, our assortment of retail solutions allow operators to take control of their environment, curate on-premise experiences for their players and ultimately enhance their land based offering.

Our retail partners get access to their real-time P&L numbers
via our back office platform.