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FSb Sportsbook

Our multi-product, multi-channel single view back office platform is truly the heartbeat of our offering - enabling operators to take charge of trading, marketing, bonusing, business intelligence and compliance across sportsbook, casino and retail within web, mobile and on-premise via a single sign-on.

Empowering Tools

Empowering trading tools supporting partner control across price and risk

Cross Platform

Cross-product, multi-channel automated bonusing functionality


Intuitive, drag and drop led CMS enabling front end differentiation

Real Time Data

Real time data dashboards driving up-to-the-second CRM intelligence

Our suite of trading tools allow operators to optimise their everyday sportsbook margins and in turn drive revenue and growth. These game-changing platform components deliver transparency across price and risk whilst offering the ability to manipulate player margin and percentages across Cash Out, Bet Builder, Bet Boost and Best Odds Guaranteed. And with fingertip ready real-time aggregated liabilities by event, market and selection, there's uninterrupted 24/7 bottom line awareness.

Our expertly crafted set of marketing tools help maximise operator opportunity across sportsbook, casino and retail. Leveraging real-time data, our cross-product automated bonusing engine delivers rich player experiences fuelled by our vast glossary of free bets, bonuses, cash back and free spins.

The ability to get granular is realised with our unique slice and dice segmentation tools whilst the CRM functionality absorbs email, push and in-site web notifications. Front end control across sportsbook, casino and retail is piloted via our multi-channel CMS where metadata features and bespoke landing pages can be curated to fit exact audience needs.

Our back office platform is also packed with comprehensive ready-to-view business intel. The Kafka Real Time analytics tool delivers priceless real-time insights across customer bases enabling a 360 view of operations. Every marketing campaign can be viewed, reviewed and analysed in real time to empower partners with information to assess and adjust strategy. This advanced tool is backed up by 50+ ready made real time reports that sit on the platform alongside contextual reports bespoke to each partner's needs.

Keeping customers safe is a key priority. Our platform is equipped with the latest Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) tools to allow partners to remain compliant and protect their players. This is backed up by our AI-led self exclusion machine learning programme that identifies potential problem gamblers. While at the front end, users can set deposit and maximum loss limits across sportsbook and casino, activate reality checks and time outs and self exclude at any time.

Our back office platform enables African operators to customise
local tax rates and stay constantly compliant