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In 2018 the Gambling Commission ran a report on gambling participation and the behaviours and attitudes of the population surrounding this. One of the most important figures to you as a betting provider centres around what consumers want, what their biggest issues are and where they find their opinions.


In the survey, they found that both reputation and better odds are the key factors that naturally differentiate between betting sites. So, how do you separate one site from another without extending your liabilities to a dangerous level? I guess if there was a simple answer to that question, then we’d all be running these companies – this industry is sometimes as much a gamble for those who own it as it is for those who enjoy playing in it. So that may not be possible, especially when competing with the giants in the industry. The other avenue is building your own reputation, so I did a little bit of research in preparation for this article and have found a few tips that may help you to build and enhance the reputation of your company. During the research, four points came up time and time again, so let’s talk about them.

Get engaged with your community.

There are so many sportsbook websites out there, and that’s without even taking into account the traditional brick and mortar sites, so how do you attract the punters to your site over others? The first question you need to ask yourself is who are you specifically trying to target? Who else is trying to target them? And what are you doing differently to keep them coming back to you?

These are hard questions to ask yourselves with such a diverse industry, but this is exactly how you can build the foundations to securing an edge over your competition. Once you’ve managed to work this out, it is all about engagement! How does your audience want to interact with you, is it through social media platforms? A blog?

Go a step beyond what is expected.

As with all companies in any industry at the moment, consumers want more value. So, if your punters are asking you for a new promotion, go above and beyond to make it exceed their expectations. The main philosophy behind this point is retention. Good retention rates are the most powerful statistic in any business as they allow you that sense of security when attempting new things. My key point here is if you are offering an amazing welcome bonus, remember that you should also be offering similarly attractive incentives to your loyal customers – something the banking industry learnt the hard way about a decade ago.

The more you invest into your users, the more they will invest in you!

Come up with ideas to improve something.

This point may seem generic, but I assure you if you do not regularly look to improve, then another company is already waiting to take your spot. It is very easy to forget about improving by maintaining your services over the sporting calendar – it gets busy, you have customers to please, and you spend a lot of time looking at your competition.

Set yourself time to go through your service and get an understanding of what can be done better and then make it happen. This isn’t just a point about building success, it also speaks directly to your very survival! The other point to never underestimate is making sure all areas of your service are being updated in innovative ways, not just one particular area. After all, you will have a wide range of users, each with their own interests, own wants and their own close circle of contacts that can be encouraged to join your site!

Ask questions.

The final point is to always ask questions and with social media it’s easier than ever. Take an hour out of your schedule a week to read the forums, Facebook, anything topical and interactive that you can find. With the previous three points all focused around keeping your customers happy, the process can be made so much more efficient by asking the right questions. What can be done better? What would you like as a new service? At the end of the day, why would you need to guess what your customers want when they will be more than willing to tell you?

I hope that you find this blog useful. Please keep coming back for more helpful content – and if you have anything you would like covered, please just let us know.