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How do you meet customer demands while managing operating costs? It’s the major challenge for companies that want to offer the full range of events across markets and channels.

As one CTO said: “It’s immediately clear that FSB’s technology-driven sportsbook is leading the market.”

Our sportsbook is designed to meet the rising demands of mobile and live betting. We aggregate the industry’s best data feed suppliers, so your end users get real-time odds and competitive pricing.

Thanks to automation, much smaller team of traders deliver higher profitability, better risk management and an improved customer experience. Because you’re no longer burdened by a time-intensive, manual approach to trading, you’re free to focus on value-added activities like customer profiling and customer relationship management. And the sleek UX, CMS and CRM empower you to drive revenue growth across markets and channels.

  • 400,000+ live events traded annually.
  • Industry-leading risk management systems.
  • Scale tested to over 700 bets per second.


of bets processed daily


Casino and live dealer games


of bets processed per second


“FSB’s sportsbook has its own data from every source you can think of and uses real-time algorithmic models to calculate odds. Everything is automated, which makes it incredibly efficient and means operational costs are lower (because you’re not relying on manual processes in a 200-person trading room). The FSB approach is the future of sportsbooks.”