Retail Sports Betting Solutions

Cutting-edge in-venue, EPOS and self-service technology.

Streamline processes and the customer experience with our technology for venue installations, self-service terminals and EPOS.

We’re at the forefront of innovation in retail, giving you more control of operations while making it easier for your customers to place bets.

Our touchscreen EPOS leads the market, with cashiers able to process bets by tapping just 4 buttons. Our traditional solutions for capturing bet slips are intuitive and require minimal training. And we’re number one when it comes to sleek yet cost-effective self-service solutions.

Whether you’re a licenced betting shop, casino, stadium or racetrack, we’ll help you boost efficiency, customer loyalty and profits.


of bets processed daily


Support and UK gaming licence

4 continents

With regulated markets have customers using FSB’s technology


“As we were researching the market, it was clear that retail technology lags behind in terms of what you can get. FSB stood out as a company that’s investing in innovation in this area, developing tools that have helped us operate more efficiently while at the same time simplifying reporting, auditing and marketing and making everything easier and more convenient for users.”