Dave McDowell's 2021 Predictions - Part 4

A New Year has dawned, and what better man to visualise 2021 than our CEO Dave McDowell. Here is the second of his four predictions for the New Year.Predictions for 2021

Predicting what is going to happen in the coming year is really more about identifying the trends with the occasional curve ball thrown in to keep it interesting. So what is really happening in the global gaming market?

Personalisation in sports betting

Though people have been talking about personalisation for years, very few operators have delivered anything close to the experience casino players receive. Many operators struggle with getting access to sports betting data and many more struggle with analysing the data and using it to drive interaction with the consumer.

I believe that 2021 will see operators step up their game with personalisation and begin to offer real-time sports betting offers that are relevant to the consumer. One-size-fits-all promotions are extremely inefficient and automated offers that are well targeted and personalised will drive significant improvements in retention and player lifetime values.