Managed Services

We offer a 360 full service to run your sportsbook and casino platforms.

We have a team of employees to look after your operation and marketing activities. Our main focus is increasing our partners’ revenues and brand awareness by improving the current product, providing the relevant technical support, monitoring the overall payment process and retaining a high quality of players.

Furthermore, special developments are performed in our compliance and regulations procedures and also we have a dedicated customer service team dealing with every type of customer issues and enquiries.

Our trading and risk solutions ensure that the player database is filtered and segmented accordingly and our marketing activities focus on acquiring, retaining and engaging players.

Below is a list of our operations and marketing services:

  • Trading and risk management.
  • Customer support.
  • Player safety and responsible gambling.
  • Compliance & regulations support.
  • Payment & fraud monitoring.
  • Sportsbook promotions, bonuses and price boosts.
  • Acquisition and retention marketing.
  • SEO, PPC & affiliate management.
  • User experience design services.
  • Brand strategy, identity and print design.


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“FSB stood out because they combined a deep knowledge of the sports betting industry with impressive technology. And technology was an important issue for us – we wanted a partner that truly understood the B2B market, instead of trying to retrofit a consumer product for our business. We now have a robust, scalable platform that will evolve as our requirements change, and we were live in weeks.”