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The coming together of the industry’s great and good at SBC’s inaugural Betting on Sports conference at Tower Bridge this week is an opportunity to discuss a huge number of topics.

Among those on the agenda already are integrity and our relationship with sports, user engagement in the in-play environment, and the roles of virtuals, esports, and fantasy sports. I suspect what most operators attending will be asking, however, is how they can get customers to use their sportsbook rather than that of a rival, keep using it, and use it more. Whilst I hope we learn a few things in the ‘predicting the future of sports betting’ session on the first day, I’ve got a hunch we don’t need a crystal ball to find the answers to these pretty fundamental questions.

Different puzzles for our sportsbook platform:

As someone who helps run a managed sportsbook platform, I’ve often been asked if we churn out the same cookie-cutter websites for everyone. The reason, sadly, is that some suppliers do. But I’m proud to say that all of the 15 licenses we’ve now signed-up have different solutions on our platform as all of them have slightly different puzzles to solve. Whilst they’ll all be offering odds on Liverpool’s visit to Stamford Bridge on Friday night, the sportsbook run by the huge casino firm has an alternative take on the Northern Irish retail firm now keeping their customers happy online, or the Tanzanian operator with huge volumes and small stakes. All of them use our technology, however, which is at the heart of a trader-designed solution that offers an entire industry in one platform.

That includes CRM tools that understand your customers, APIs that make sure you don’t look like you came out of the same box as your competitors, and private cloud-hosting technology that gives you peace of mind.

We’re also in the process of rapidly increasing the number of bets we can process per second, which will allow partners to scale-up without the concerns affecting those saddled by legacy technology that falls over.

Whilst I hesitate to suggest all of the above is simple, because the technology and London-based team in place to make the most of it are far from simplistic, it isn’t the head-scratcher that it need be either. Needless to say, I’d be delighted to explain it further to anyone at BoS who wants to learn more. Why not drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call on +44 20 3751 0420.

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