As a people first organisation, we are committed to corporate social responsibility at FSB

We have a number of CSR projects within our portfolio and chief among them is our partnership with Rubik Talent.

Rubik Talent was founded to bridge the digital skills gap by offering opportunity to all regardless of gender, race, nationality, sexuality, colour or religion.

Their vision is simple. To focus on providing opportunity to those from underrepresented groups and empower them, build confidence and offer the tools needed to succeed.

With Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of everything they do this was a co-operation we could get passionate about and in September 2021, we teamed up with Rubik Talent to offer four graduates from underrepresented backgrounds a path into iGaming.

The partnership with Rubik saw us build an engaging and stimulating technology graduate programme together incorporating the likes of Back End Java Development, Front End Web Development and Application Support Analysis.

Over a 24 month period, our four graduates will develop new skills and gain valuable experience at a growth organisation that continues to scale up.

This initiative has helped us to attract a diverse workforce to FSB, uplift our productivity and creativity in new and exciting ways - and drive our core values of teamwork, communication and offering opportunity to all.

In September 2022 we announced that a second batch of Rubik Talent graduates would join FSB from November that year.

Here, first year recruit Nafisa Zaman talks about her time at FSB...