Online Casino Solutions

Customised Experience. Cutting-Edge CRM Tools.

When it comes to driving customer acquisition and retention, offering quality content across multiple channels is your starting point.

We’ve integrated more than 3000+ slot and table games from the industry’s leading online casino suppliers. Your customers get a seamless experience on any device or browser, and our user-friendly wallet provides all payments from a single account.

But to secure a competitive advantage and drive revenue growth, you need to go beyond omnichannel content. You need CRM tools and analytics that help you target customers, reward loyalty and nurture relationships.

Our proprietary features make it easy to create campaigns, apply customer segmentation rules, award free spins and more. As a result, you have the intelligence and capability to give customers a tailored experience – while maximising your marketing return on investment and building market share.

  • 3000+ market-leading casino games.
  • Automated bonusing and CRM systems.
  • Market-leading CMS.


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“FSB offers a one-stop shop, with a comprehensive range of casino and live dealer games available on multiple channels. But let’s face it, most providers offer you lots of content. The real added value with FSB comes from their CRM tools – we can profile customers, easily manage all compliance-related reporting and gather intelligence in a way that drives acquisition and retention.”