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Working as a marketer in the gambling industry can be very difficult as there are many standards which need to be followed. These sets of standards and rules are designed to protect the end user, but at the same time they are also in place to protect gambling companies. In this blog today, we are going to discuss just a couple of those standards and why they’re important to uphold.


The first point this blog will discuss is that of not appealing to under 18s. This may sound really simple but since the world has become a place where under 18s will put money into games such as EA Sports FIFA, with the hope of packing a Lionel Messi, the lines have become slightly blurred. So how best to keep this demographic at arm’s length? Generally, the key is to avoid any particular wording that makes gambling sound enticing. Surely that’s the idea of marketing, I hear you ask. Well, in this industry, not necessarily. In fact, most punters will typically come to you for the best odds or promotions, therefore wording and images aren’t really required to capture your audience’s attention.


The second point that will be discussed today is the need to be open and transparent during marketing communications, such as promotions. The gambling standard explains that from the point of sale (physically or emotionally), the terms of the offer must be coherent and clear to keep customers informed at all times. We at FSB Technology take this to mean posting clear and concise terms in the text of all our offers and banners, thus explaining the promotion effectively, and then linking the user to a full list of terms via URL.


For those of you who perhaps aren’t experts in the art of compliance but have been marketers for a very long time, this whole process can seem quite daunting. I have linked to an article from the Gambling Commission website below for you to peruse the standards further.


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