Why pile it high sell it cheap won’t cut the mustard when the competition hots up

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The onset of the new football season always brings new hope, whether you’re a supporter or a sports bettor hoping to boost your bank balance.

In recent years it has also brought a host of new sportsbooks, particularly in the congested UK market where competition is fierce to capture the punter’s pound.

We’ll be launching a few more of our own over the next couple of weeks in partnership with some great operators who have a unique offering.

But as I look around the market, here in London and further afield, there are an alarming number of ‘me too’ sites who appear to have settled for being cookie-cutter clones of one another.

As an industry we are facing increasing consolidation – with Ladbrokes and Coral now cleared for a merger and their great rival William Hill subject to a takeover bid – and for managed sportsbooks in particular it is often hard to find a niche.

That task is made even harder when those operators cut corners with their suppliers, believing quantity rather than quality will suffice.

The most obvious incarnation of this is the in-play arms race which has seen some platform providers convince their operating partners that thousands of markets on often obscure sporting fixtures will make them rich.

This numbers game is also at play with those boasting vast trading teams, as if we inhabit a pre-algorithm, black and white world of manual labour.

The reality, as we are finding from the number of customers looking to migrate to us from the platforms of some of our rivals, is that a more nuanced approach is required.

For them it is often just about getting the basics right, such as a cost-effective trading solution which utilises the best software as well as human expertise.

It’s also about having modern CRM tools that differentiate between your customers and are able to boost your retention rates rather throw out database-wide offers that alienate large parts of your audience.

As far as sophisticated IT goes, we’ve just teamed up with Rackspace in order to implement our own private cloud. This will allow us to launch new clients in their own ring-fenced environment.

It will also allow us to add scale at very short notice, another issue with the ‘pile it high sell it cheap’ end of the supply chain.

At the end of the day all of these tools, which come as standard with an FSB sportsbook, are designed to help our clients run the most efficient operations in the industry.

Our aim has always been to use the most modern technology to reduce manual labour and make operating a modern sports betting brand simple and cost-effective.

If that sounds like the approach you want to take, then we’re all ears – even if your current provider originally convinced you otherwise.

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