United Tote and FSB team up at G2E

In a major vote of confidence in our retail solution, FSB has teamed up with leading self-service betting kiosk manufacturers United Tote at G2E.

The agreement will see the FSB state-of-the-art retail offering elevated into prominence at G2E at the prestigious United Tote booth. In return, FSB will deploy United Tote's sports betting kiosks at our own G2E booth, cementing the partnership further.

Powered by a single-view cross-vertical platform, the FSB retail solution gives operators full visibility on real-time liabilities, remote terminal balance management and cutting-edge customisable front-end displays. These features are further supported by a comprehensive suite of real-time reports that empower FSB’s customers to optimize their offering at rapid pace.

In response to the United Tote partnership, our Vice-President of Operations, North America, Bob Akeret said:“It’s a tremendous honor for us to partner with United Tote and have our retail front ends showcased at their booth at G2E. We’ve worked closely with them this summer at NIGA, OIGA and WIGA and have benefitted from their world class maintenance and support services.

Their hardware will once again be proudly showcased at our booth at G2E.“United Tote lead the way when it comes to self-service betting kiosks and to have our solution exhibited at their booth during this major event is a huge vote of confidence in the quality of our offering.”