FSB host SBC Webinar 'Is Your Platform Prepared For The Ultimate 18 Months Of Sports Betting'

FSB have teamed up with SBC for the forthcoming webinar entitled, 'Is Your Platform Prepared For The Ultimate 18 Months Of Sports Betting'.

The webinar, taking place on Tuesday May 25th at 14:00 BST, will feature our CEO Dave McDowell alongside Eyas Gaming chairman Joe Saumarez Smith and Marc Thomas a partner at Propus Partners.

With a huge 18 months of sports betting ahead of us, the webinar will discuss whether now is the right time for operators to move away from legacy technology and adopt modern platforms to fully reap the rewards of this unprecedented period.Other key elements of the webinar will be:

* The importance of the next 18 months in sports betting

* Why it’s essential operators maximise their platform capabilities during this vital period

* The essential tools required for platform efficiency during this period

* The risks of sticking with a legacy platform

* The benefits of platform migration

* What to look for when identifying a new platform partner

* What to consider before undertaking a platform migration

* The key challenges faced when migrating platforms and how they are overcome

* How migrations can be undertaken quickly if the right approach is taken

* How modern platforms can help operators drive growth and deliver a superior player experience during the next 18 months of sports betting

Register here for the FSB SBC webinar