Dave McDowell's 2021 Predictions - Part 3

A New Year has dawned, and what better man to visualise 2021 than our CEO Dave McDowell. Here is the second of his four predictions for the New Year.

Predicting what is going to happen in the coming year is really more about identifying the trends with the occasional curve ball thrown in to keep it interesting. So what is really happening in the global gaming market?

iGaming in the wake of sports betting

It is very easy to say that turnover records will continue to be broken on a regular basis as new states go live with sports betting and as the consumers become more aware and comfortable with the regulated market. The dominoes did not fall in 2013 when NJ introduced iGaming, but this time the US economy needs to help. I believe that we will see more states adding online casino games to their existing sports betting regulations in pursuit of increased tax revenue.