Dave McDowell's 2021 Predictions - Part 2

A New Year has dawned, and what better man to visualise 2021 than our CEO Dave McDowell. Here is the second of his four predictions for the New Year.Predictions for 2021

Predicting what is going to happen in the coming year is really more about identifying the trends with the occasional curve ball thrown in to keep it interesting. So what is really happening in the global gaming market?

Increasing regulation

Across the globe we will continue to see increased regulation for online sports betting and gaming, and for the most part this is very positive for the industry. This trend is obviously playing out in the United States, but it's noticeable that positive legislation in place across LatAm, Africa and even Ontario as they move away from their monopoly.

In the name of continuous improvement I expect some highly regulated markets in Europe will continue to introduce measures designed to “raise the bar” and we know affordability checks are likely to become mandatory in the UK. I expect US regulators to follow the UK and increase the AML and Safer Gaming requirements expected of operators, which will force operators to rethink their platform capabilities.