Dave McDowell's 2021 Predictions - Part 1

A New Year has dawned, and what better man to visualise 2021 than our CEO Dave McDowell. Here's the first of his four predictions for the New Year.Predictions for 2021

Predicting what is going to happen in the coming year is really more about identifying the trends with the occasional curve ball thrown in to keep it interesting. So what is really happening in the global gaming market?

Margins are increasing

European consumers are engaging in more recreational betting markets and trading automation tools are getting more sophisticated; both trends are driving margins up. We see it in our football products with a move towards higher margin “bet builder” tools and in our racing products with alternate place terms and winning distance markets.

Intelligent automation of limits based on the individual player, the time left until the event and market volatility will help ensure bookmakers are able to offer wagering limits across in line with their confidence of the market. While sports betting in the US has traditionally focussed on lower margin markets with binary outcomes, I believe we will see margins increase as sports betting providers get better at introducing products that bring in a more recreational base and as better-quality sports betting software comes into the market.